PSMSL becomes a member of the ICSU World Data System

03 Feb 2016

World Data System logo The PSMSL has been accepted as a regular member of the International Council for Science -- World Data System (ICSU-WDS). The ICSU-WDS has a rigorous application process, and we are very pleased to gain our membership to this interdisciplinary body. Certification from ICSU-WDS means that PSMSL is regarded as a trustworthy facility in terms of authenticity, integrity, confidentiality and availability of data and services. Our entry at their website can be found at this link.

Feedback received from ICSU-WDS reviewers of our application

"The application from PSMSL shows that it is clearly worthy of joining the ranks of WDS! The full information given in each response undoubtedly demonstrates that it is a mature organization with the experience needed to serve as a WDS Regular Member.”

Good points

And with the Recommendation that "PSMSL can be accepted as a WDS Regular Member immediately."


The ICSU-WDS promotes access to and long-term management of scientific data, data services, products and information. The ICSU-WDS promotes "universal and equitable access to, and long-term stewardship of, quality-assured scientific data and data services, products, and information covering a broad range of disciplines from the natural and social sciences, and humanities." Its goal is to create and coordinate global "communities of excellence" for scientific data services, for example by certifying members of the WDS according to international standards.