PSMSL/POL Tidal Analysis Software Kit 2000 (TASK-2000 Package)

Versions of the TASK Package

The TASK-2000 package originated from a set of PC-based DOS programs for tidal analysis derived primarily from the TIRA tidal analysis programs (Murray, M.T. 1964. A general method for the analysis of hourly heights of the tide. International Hydrographic Review, 41(2), 91-101) used at POL for many years. They were supplemented by DOS-compatible plotting software supplied by the POL Applications Group.

The package used to be made available for running under DOS, but this has become outdated in recent years and we no longer make it available. A modified version called TIDE TASKS FOR WINDOWS (TT4W), which can be run under Windows, has been developed by colleagues at Israel Oceanographic & Limnological Research.

For both the older DOS and newer Windows versions it is necessary to familiarise oneself with the TASK-2000 manual (rtf format).

In addition, a subset of the TASK-2000 package has been made available for use via the web. This is called TASK-Online and can be found via the UK National Tidal & Sea Level Facility web pages.

The TASK software in either Windows or Online forms has been assembled for use by educational and research establishments in the course of sea level research. NEITHER package is supplied freely to commercial organisations.