Renaming of stations in Kaliningrad Oblast

24 January 2018

In order to avoid confusion, we have decided to switch the names of the two PSMSL data records in Kaliningrad Oblast of Russia, following consultation with the data supplier (World Data Center, Russian Federal Service for Hydrometeorology and Environmental Monitoring)

For many years, data was provided from a gauge on the northern coast of the region in the town of Pionersky, with observations beginning in 1926. The record, ID 289 was called Kaliningrad, probably referring to the name of the region, rather than the city.

Observations at this site stopped at the end of 1986, with a new gauge established within the city of Kaliningrad itself. This is the record with ID 1719 At the time of the move, we were informed the new site was called Pionersky. Observations at the site only lasted a few years, but have recently restarted.

It has recently become apparent that the names of the records were misleading, and in the case of the southern record, incorrect, so to avoid confusion we have changed the name of the northern record, ID 289, to Pionersky, and the southern record, ID 1719, to Kaliningrad.