Update of ellipsoidal link information

30 May 2023

For several years, the PSMSL have worked with SONEL to provide users of our data with information linking time gauge datums to those of nearby GNSS receivers, helping to link tide gauge data to a reference ellipsoid, and hence, allow you to compare it to other geocentric data, such as sea level height measured by satellite altimetry. More information about this is given on our page about Ellipsoidal Links.

The information provided comes from reprocessing campaigns of available GNSS data. Several organisations produce these campaigns, but previously we've only provided information from one. However, results can differ considerably at an individual location, so in order to reflect the variance in the available solutions, we've been working with our colleagues at SONEL to provide the results from multiple centres.

Results can be found on the individual site RLR diagram pages (e.g. the page for Brest), or in the page summarising all sites, from where details of the links for all sites can be downloaded in a variety of formats.

Further details of the information for the individual reanalysis solutions can be found on the SONEL website in the "About" tab above the map.