Station Information

Station ID: 2276
Latitude: 51.381987
Longitude: 1.11556
Coastline code: 170
Station code: 102
Time span of data: 2002 – 2014
Completeness (%): 61
Date of last update: 08 Mar 2016

Green Arrow: Current Station
Yellow Marker: Neighbouring RLR Station
Red Marker: Neighbouring Metric Station

Please note: In many cases, the station position in our database is accurate to only one minute. Thus, the tide gauge may not appear to be on the coast.

Additional Data Sources (guide to additional data sources)

Nearby Real Time Stations from VLIZ: hbay

Station Documentation

Link to RLR information.

Documentation added 2016-02-02

Herne Bay is a new station operated by the Channel Coastal Observatory (CCO) based at NOC Southampton. Instrument type is an Etrometa Step Gauge. The Datum of the data is Admiralty Chart Datum (ACD) 8.244m below TGBM. Tide Gauge Zero (TGZ) is 9.034m below the Primary benchmark TGBM and 0.79m below ACD. The CCO have confirmed that the step gauge has electrdes only to one side so piling up or down of waters can lead to over or under recording depending on the direction of the swell. Because of this data should be used with caution.

Data Authority

National Oceanography Centre
Waterfront Campus
European Way