Ocean Bottom Pressure Records

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With a recent grant from the UK Natural Environment Research Council, the PSMSL is working to provide data from in situ ocean bottom pressure (OBP) recorders from all possible sources, a remit given to the PSMSL by IAPSO in 1999. The aim is to provide consistently-processed bottom pressure records with hourly and daily sampling for use in tidal, oceanographic and geophysical research. Typically, we do not distribute the original data sets to avoid duplication with existing repositories. The processing procedures, described on the linked page, provide estimates of tidal signal and the instrumental drift for each deployment. The page on file formats describes the data provided in the hourly and daily data files.

Currently, this page has a limited set of data, though this will continue to grow with time. Not all of the data collected by the National Oceanography Centre is included, and the following page details how to obtain those additional OBP records. For the moment, our primary focus is adding long records. However, if you have bottom pressure records that you would like to archive with us, please contact psmsl@noc.ac.uk.