Station Information

Station ID: 2338
Latitude: 43.321764
Longitude: -1.931514
Coastline code: 200
Station code: 2
Country: SPAIN
Time span of data: 2007 – 2019
Completeness (%): 94
Link to ellipsoid: Available
Date of last update: 18 Aug 2020

Green Arrow: Current Station
Yellow Marker: Neighbouring RLR Station
Red Marker: Neighbouring Metric Station

Please note: In many cases, the station position in our database is accurate to only one minute. Thus, the tide gauge may not appear to be on the coast.

Additional Data Sources (guide to additional data sources)

Nearby GNSS Stations from SONEL: PASA

Station Documentation

Link to RLR information.

Documentation added 2018-10-09

Daily and monthly sea level data for Pasaia Harbour are supplied on a monthly basis by the GEOLAB Pasaia Team.

Documentation added 2018-10-10

GEOLAB is an agreement between ARANZADI located in Zorrogagaina, 11. E-20014 Donostia, San Sebastian and AZTI located in Herrera Kaia, Portualdea z/g. E-20110, Pasaia (Gipuzkoa).
Using information supplied by J. Zurutuza, on behalf of the GEOLAB Pasaia Team station Pasaia Harbour has been made RLR. Primary Benchmark TGBM-A is 7.061m above Tide Gauge Zero (TGZ)

Documentation added 2018-10-31

The Tide Gauge and GNSS devices for Pasaia Harbour are located in the AZTI facilities at Herrera Kaia.

Data Authority

Department of Applied Geodesy
Zorrogagaina, 11
E-20014 Donostia
San Sebastian