Station Information

Station ID: 41
Latitude: 42.166667
Longitude: 41.683333
Coastline code: 305
Station code: 21
Country: GEORGIA
Time span of data: 1874 – 2020
Completeness (%): 94
Date of last update: 24 Aug 2023

Green Arrow: Current Station
Yellow Marker: Neighbouring RLR Station
Red Marker: Neighbouring Metric Station

Please note: In many cases, the station position in our database is accurate to only one minute. Thus, the tide gauge may not appear to be on the coast.

Station Documentation

Link to RLR information.

Documentation added 1993-09-10

1874-1990 FCODE= 3 OR 4; 1924,1926-43, 1949-72 type of bubbler gauge

Documentation added 1997-11-06

Since 1973 observations from an unspecified tide gauge

Documentation added 1997-12-10

3 or 4 observations per day are made in days with heavy winds and storms

Documentation added 1999-03-10

For a discussion on sea level trends along Black Sea coasts
see Variations of the Black Sea Level by S.G.Boguslavsky et al.,
Physical Oceanography, 9(3), 199-208, 1998.

Documentation added 1999-03-10

See also comments under Bourgas (code 295/021).

Documentation added 2001-07-31

Poti coast subsiding by ~.0056m/yr (letter 20th July 2001).

Data Authority

Department of Oceanology and Meteorology
Tbilisi State University
Chavchavadze Prospect 1
Tbilisi 38008