Station Information

Station ID: 923
Latitude: -15.366667
Longitude: -75.2
Coastline code: 848
Station code: 41
Country: PERU
Time span of RLR data: 1958 – 1968
RLR completeness (%): 89
Time span of metric data: 1958 – 1983
Metric completeness (%): 72
Date of last update: 01 Jan 1980

Green Arrow: Current Station
Yellow Marker: Neighbouring RLR Station
Red Marker: Neighbouring Metric Station

Please note: In many cases, the station position in our database is accurate to only one minute. Thus, the tide gauge may not appear to be on the coast.

Additional Data Sources (guide to additional data sources)

Nearby Real Time Stations from VLIZ: sjuan
Research Quality Data from UHSLC station 96: hourly and daily

Station Documentation

Link to RLR information.

Documentation - date unknown

Prior to 1970 data supplied by N.O.A.A.

Documentation added 1991-06-11

San Juan 848/041 RLR(1964) is 10.8m below BM1

Documentation added 1993-07-12

Evidence for a datum shift either side of a data gap in the mid 1960s.

Data Authority

Direccion de Hidrografia y Navegacion de la Marina
Camarra 500 Chucuito
Casilla Postal 80