National Sea Level Authorities

Web Access to Real-Time ('Fast'), Delayed Mode Sea Level Data, or Related Information (e.g. Tidal Predictions)

In addition to the links below, the IOC Sea Level Monitoring Facility provides data from many countries:

Country Link and Information
Argentina Argentine Hydrographic Office hourly sea level for the last day
.. tidal predictions
Australia National Tidal Centre
Belgium Meetnet Vlaamse Banken
Bermuda see United States, National Ocean Service
Brazil Diretoria de Hidrografia e Navagacao (tidal predictions)
Canada Marine Environmental Data Service archived data
.. Canadian Hydrographic Service tidal predictions
Channel Is. see United Kingdom
Chile Servicio Hydrografico & Oceanografico
Tidal predictions and sea level data for the last 4 days
Croatia Hydrographic Institute of Croatia
Cyprus Cyprus real-time sea level page (Paphos station)
Denmark Danish Meteorological Institute displays of real time data
(Data themselves must be ordered by letter from DMI)
.. Danish Farvandsvaesenet (same remarks)
.. also see BOOS programme
Ecuador Instituto Oceanografico de la Marmada del Ecuador (tidal predictions)
Estonia Marine Systems Institute, Tallinn University of Technology real time data
Finland Finland Environment Institute
.. see BOOS programme also
France Information on the French networks (obtain data through REFMAR)
.. Service hydrographique et océanographique de la marine (tidal predictions)
.. Online data from the SONEL project
Germany Wasser- und Schifffahrtsverwaltung real-time and archived levels (mostly rivers)
.. Tidal predictions from BSH
.. (Baltic) see BOOS programme for coastal real time data
.. (North Sea) see NOOS programme for coastal real time data
Gibraltar NTSLF gauge at Gibraltar
Greece Helenic Navy tide gauge network
Hong Kong Hong Kong Observatory tidal predictions
.. Hong Kong real time data
Iceland Reykjavik real time data
India Real-time data from Indian stations (National Institute of Oceanography)
Ireland Irish National Tide Gauge Network
Iran Iran Hydrographic Office
Israel Israel Oceanographic and Limnological Research (IOLR) data sets
.. see also MedGLOSS programme
Italy APAT web pages
.. Trieste tide gauge:
Select Controllo Mare from the map;
Find Trieste Marea CNR-ISMAR on the map and click;
Japan Japan Oceanographic Data Centre
(This is accessed via) JODC higher level page
.. Hydrographic Department Japan Coast Guard (real time data)
.. Geophysical Survey Institute (tidal archive though Japanese pages only)
.. Geophysical Survey Institute (English version)
.. NEAR-GOOS Delayed Mode data base
.. Real-time data 29 stations Japan Coast Guard
.. Real-time and archive data from Syowa station
Korea (Rep of)
Malaysia Dept. of Survey and Mapping tidal predictions
Malta Portomaso MedGLOSS station real time data
Mexico Center of Scientific Research and Higher Education, Ensenada
(daily tidal charts and predictions and historical data)
.. National sea level service of the Universidad Nacional Autonoma de Mexico
(tidal predictions and historical data)
Netherlands Dutch real-time data as graphs
New Zealand New Zealand Hydrographic Authority (Land Information New Zealand)
.. National Institute of Water and Atmospheric Research real-time data
Norway Norwegian Hydrographic Service
Peru Direction of Navigation & Hydrography
Philippines National Mapping and Resource Information Authority tidal predictions
Poland Instytut Meteorologii i Gospodarki Wodnej
Portugal Hydrographic Office tidal predictions
.. Instituto Geographico
Slovenia Real time data Slovenian Environmental Agency
Fast and delayed-mode data arrangements can also be made with Environmental Agency of Slovenia
Sao Tome Sao Tome data via the French ROSAME server
South Africa South Africa Hydrographic Office tidal predictions
Spain Puertos del Estado
[click on Oceanography and Meteorology-Forecast-Sea Level Forecast for real-time and forecast sea levels]
.. Instituto Espanol de Oceanografia archived sea level data
Sri Lanka NARA, Sri Lanka (NODC and tidal research)
Sweden SMHI Real Time Data (also available via NOOS and BOOS)
Thailand Hydrographic Department, Royal Thai Navy
Turkey Turkish Sea Level Monitoring System (TUSELS)
United States National Ocean Service (NOAA)
.. NOAA web site for sea level data
.. US Sea Level Trends and MSL Anomalies
United Kingdom UK National Tidal & Sea Level Facility (NTSLF)
Uruguay Servicio de Oceanografia, Hidrografia and Meteorologia de la Armada (tidal predictions)