Revised Local Reference (RLR) Diagram for ST JEAN DE LUZ (SOCOA)

Station ID: 469

RLR diagram based on the information in the datum section below

If the image above appears blurry, or you would like to see a larger image, please view the full-sized image of the RLR diagram.

Datum information

Add 4.485m to data values 1942-1944 to refer to RLR
Add 4.485m to data values 1964 onwards to refer to RLR
RLR is 12.460m below primary benchmark IGN no O.A.K3L3-4-II

Ellipsoidal information from SONEL (explanation)

GNSSSolutionHeightVelocityEpochGNSS StartGNSS EndDistance
SCOANGL1442.091 ± 0.004-1.16 ± 0.532020.00002005-12-122023-03-230
SCOAGT342.097 ± 0.004-2.06 ± 0.302020.00002005-12-122023-03-230
SCOAULR7a42.097 ± 0.008-1.53 ± 0.232020.00002005-12-122023-03-230
SCOAJPL1442.093 ± 0.003-0.87 ± 0.302020.00002005-12-122023-03-230