Mean Sea Level Anomalies

Annual mean sea level can vary considerably from year to year in response to various meteorological and oceanographic forcings, typically by hundreds of millimetres. The product below allows you to examine the global variations in a year of your choice: select this year using either the slider or the text box. The map presents the difference between the annual RLR data for each station (which is quality and datum controlled) compared to that station's long term mean over the baseline period of 1960-1990. (Please see methods page.)

The long term trend at each station (estimated using the baseline period) can be removed by clicking the tick box. This will prevent results being dominated by long term changes, but will result in the loss of stations for which there is not enough data to calculate a trend. (See the derived trends page for more information.)

Map of sea level anomalies for a 
         given year with respect to the average over the period 1960-1990
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