Training Courses

IOC/GLOSS Training Courses

Since the 1980s the PSMSL has organised over a dozen courses on behalf of GLOSS. Training courses on sea level measurements and interpretation are held intermittently, in different locations around the world and in different languages. For details, see the GLOSS web page.

For information on future courses, contact the GLOSS Technical Secretary at IOC

Other Training Courses

Other training courses with sea level components are held from time to time by various national and international authorities.

Courses on Tides and Water Levels for Hydrographers in U.S.A.

Details on courses held so far at Old Dominion University can be found from

We understand that these particular courses are targeted for U.S.A. private industry and other U.S federal agencies that perform hydrographic surveys that end up on NOAA charts. Therefore, the course material is specific to NOS standards and procedures and processes and interfaces that would not necessarily apply to the international community. So the class is limited to U.S. agencies and prospective NOS contractors.

As of May 2002 we understand from Steve Gill that the above ODU course will not be offered in the very near future, so should not be considered 'active'.

However, Steve Gill at NOAA provides a similar one-week seminar in a much more generic sense to a broader international audience, for instance, as part of the U.S. Naval Oceanographic Office International Hydrographic and Management Training Program held in Gulfport Mississippi each summer. That course meets IHO Category B standards. The contact for that course is Mary W. Jones, Deputy Director, Management Services and Training Department, U.S. Department of the Navy, Naval Oceanographic Office - telephone 228-871-2919.

We also understand that 1-year programs in hydrography are offered at University of Mississippi and University of New Hampshire with part of the curriculum on tides and analysis.

Courses in Japan

The Hydrographic Department of the Japan Coast Guard has two programmes relating to international cooperation in the field of sea level observations. The first is a training course on physical oceanography and data management. This course is organised through JICA (Japan International Cooperation Agency), which is subsidiary organisation of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs that promotes cooperation with developing countries. This course lasts for about 4 months and includes lectures and field training on tides and currents. About 8 foreign scientists or officers, who send application to JICA office and pass selection by their own government, join this course each year.

The second is the cooperation for sea level data and data management through the Japan Oceanographic Data Center, especially for WESTPAC and NEAR-GOOS, and the use of sea level data through J-DOSS (Data Online Service System). Further JODC courses are held in data management with regard to cooperation with foreign countries in the fields of data management and exchange, including tidal data.

For information on these two courses, contact: Dr. Minoru Odamaki


The Partnership for Observation of the Global Oceans (POGO) provides some possibilities for support of training activities by sea level scientists.