National and Regional Reports

This web-library contains descriptions of tide gauge, and in some cases GPS, DORIS and Absolute Gravity etc., measurements in each country or region as provided to the PSMSL by local experts. In many cases, the reports are derived from the National Submissions to meetings of the GLOSS Group of Experts (GE), and in particular to the 6th and 7th meetings of the Group held in 1999 and 2001 respectively. In other cases, the descriptions have been updated and expanded from those at the GE meetings, or are new reports provided to PSMSL and GLOSS separately.

We welcome contributions from representatives of all countries and regions as metadata, including good descriptions, are an essential complement to the tide gauge and geodetic data themselves.

Information on the Submission of National and Regional Reports

National Reports
Argentina Australia Bangladesh Belgium Brazil
Canada Chile China Cote d'Ivoire Croatia
Cuba Denmark Ecuador Egypt France
Gibraltar Greece Hong Kong India Indonesia
Ireland Israel Italy Japan Kenya
Madagascar Malaysia Malta Mauritius Mexico
Morocco Mozambique Myanmar New Zealand Norway
Pakistan Panama Peru Philippines Portugal
Romania Russia Seychelles Singapore South Africa
Spain Sweden Tanzania Thailand Turkey
United Arab Emirates United States of America Ukraine United Kingdom Uruguay
Vietnam Venezuela

Regional Reports
Caribbean - CPACC (2001)
Caribbean reports GE9 (2005) (Doug Wilson, NOAA and Joshua Henson, USF)
South Pacific Tide Gauge Network 2001
Southern Ocean Sea Level Centre 2001
RONMAC - Central America
Reports for individual Pacific Islands courtesy of NTF Australia