Complete PSMSL Data Set

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Referencing PSMSL data

When using the tide gauge data set from the PSMSL, we ask that you reference the last paper describing the data set, as well as the data set itself. As an example, "the tide gauge data [Holgate et al., 2013; PSMSL, 2018] show that ...". See our referencing recommendation for more information.

Before using any of these PSMSL data files, please appreciate the differences between 'Metric' and 'RLR' data values. See the RLR definition page for more information.

The complete time series for all of the stations in the database can be downloaded using the links above. The zipped files contain the RLR monthly mean data and RLR annual mean data. (The Metric monthly mean data is also available, but please realise this data should only be used in special circumstances.) See the notes page for details on the formats. The text files catalogue.dat and nucat.dat contain a complete listing of the data sets, and their format is described in the psmsl.hel file, which has a large amount of additional information.

These zip files contain filelist.txt, extracted_from_database, a Matlab script to read all the data, and three directories: docu, data, and RLR_info. filelist.txt is a semi-colon delimited file. It contains the station ID, latitude, longitude, station name, coastline code, station code, and a quality-control flag (qcflag). If the qcflag is "Y", please read the documentation file. The Fortran fixed format is i5,2x,f10.6,2x,f11.6,2x,a40,2x,i3,2x,i3,2x,a1. extracted_from_database is a file that contains the date (shown in the sidebar on the left) of the creation of the files included in this distribution. The documentation for the Matlab scripts is included in the scripts.

If you should have problems downloading the zip files due to size (slightly smaller then 20 MB), please email, and we can provide a zip file without the RLR diagram images.

PSMSL retains a permanent archive of the complete dataset zip files from the end of each year.

Previously, the PSMSL had distributed the entire database in a compact format. However, these formats are no longer adequate to represent the database. For reference, we have created an archive of these formats as of their last update.