Commonwealth Marine Economies Data Portal

This section of the PSMSL website contains work undertaken by the National Oceanography Centre (NOC) as part of the UK government's Commonwealth Marine Economies (CME) Programme. The pages listed form a prototype data portal for sea level data information from the Caribbean, particularly the Windward Islands, and details some of the work undertaken as part of the project.

More details of the whole of NOC's contribution to the CME programme are given in the project page on the main NOC website.

This work is summarised in the following report:

Product List:

Sea Level Data Catalogue
A catalogue of tide gauges in the Caribbean, what type of data is available for them, and how to access that data. If you are looking for fully quality controlled data, this is the link to follow.
Automatically Quality Controlled Tide Gauge Data
As part of the project, a method of applying an automatic, initial quality control of tide gauge data was developed. This link displays the automatically quality controlled data, illustrating the QC procedure. Instructions for how the download the data are on a separate page.
Automatic Quality Control Process
This link describes the automatic quality control process used, and links to the code used to carry it out.
Projected Sea Levels
Some visualisations of projected sea levels in the Windward Islands and an explanation of how they were derived.