Automatic Quality Control Procedure Links

Description of the Quality Control procedure

Recent technological developments have enabled a proliferation in the number of tide gauges providing data in real time. Sites such as the IOC Sea Level Station Monitoring Facility aggregate these records and make them freely available. However, these records are not quality controlled, and can contain many errors that restrict their usefulness.

Manual quality control is time consuming, and many authorities lack the resources to support it for all of the gauges they have available. As part of the Commonwealth Marine Economies Programme we have developed MATLAB software that performs automatic quality control of data from the IOC site. The quality control procedure is fully described in an internal NOC report. We cannot guarantee that this code will identify all tide-gauge errors, but you are welcome to try it on your data.

Running the code requires MATLAB, including the Statistics Toolbox and was developed using release 2016b. The main function is tidegaugeQC.m, and some examples of how to use it are included in the file runQCfundemo.m. To run that file, you will need to edit the 'rootdatadir' variable so it points at a directory on your system where you wish the outputs to be written.