Download Automatic Quality Controlled Tide Gauge Data

This page contains information about how to download the automatically quality controlled data from the Caribbean.

Please note this data has only undergone experimental automatic quality control, so should be used with care. For Prickly Bay, Grenada, fully quality controlled data is available from the University of Hawaii Sea Level Centre website.

The data is available here at hourly and daily frequencies. These can be downloaded from the table below. Each zip archive contains one file for each sensor installed at the station, and one combined file created by combining active periods from each sensor.

Station Station Code Hourly Data File Daily Data File
Calliaqua, St Vincent and the Grenadines calq hourly daily
Ganter's Bay, St Lucia stlu hourly daily
Prickly Bay, Grenada pric hourly daily

Data at Original Sampling Frequency

If you wish to access automatically quality controlled data at the original sensor frequency (usually 1 observation per minute), you can do so from the following directory:

Higher frequency data

Each zip file contains one year of data from one sensor at a station.

File naming convention

Files are named using the convention *station code*_*sensor code*_*date*.csv. Station codes are listed in the table above.

Sensor codes

prs, pr1, pr2
Pressure sensor
Radar sensor
Bubbler sensor
Composite series formed by combining good data from all available sensors
Estimated tide, from a tidal analysis of the composite series

File format

The data is in comma-separated-value format, with the following columns:

  1. Time (UTC), yyyy-mm-dd for daily data, yyyy-mm-dd HH:MM for hourly data
  2. Sea Level Height, metres.
  3. Flag variable (only original frequency sensor data)
    1 indicates good data, 4 indicates flagged data

Note that the datum above which heights are measured may not be the same for different sensors at a station. Also, while attempts are made in the quality control process to identify sensor drifts, it is possible that this datum may not be stable over the course of the entire series.