Windward Islands Tide Gauge Data

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This page displays data from tide gauges in St Vincent and the Grenadines, St Lucia, and Grenada. Data has undergone automatic quality control in an attempt to remove obvious errors. Please note that this process is still experimental, and the resulting data should be used with care.

To download the data that has undergone the experimental quality control, visit this page

Details of where to find properly quality controlled data from the Caribbean can be found in our sea level catalogue.

Hourly and months means can be plotted for three classes of data:

  1. Means calculated from the original data, for each sensor at the site. This record will include incorrect values due to issues such as sensors malfunctioning or transmission errors.
  2. Means calculated from data having undergone the quality control process, again for each sensor
  3. A composite record created by combining the record from each sensor. Again, this is still experimental

Where multiple sensors are present at a site, there is no guarantee that the vertical reference frame of each sensor is the same. To deal with this, an offset has been subtracted from each sensor,to attempt to make each plotted sensor line up.

Zoom the plot using your mouse wheel, or by resizing the grey rectangle on the lower trace plot.

Note: for fully quality controlled data from Prickly Bay, please visit the University of Hawaii Sea Level Centre

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